Coaching is Fun!

Our purpose is to increase our youth's enjoyment of recreational soccer by improving the quality and consistency of our coaching.

Coaches Registration


Coaching your child and his/her team is fun and rewarding! Coaching gives you the opportunity to teach skills, teamwork and sportsmanship and reap the benefits of personal enjoyment and appreciation from your players. It's a great way to contribute to the community!

In addition to all of the benefits you'll receive from coaching, we also offer a $10.00 discount off of the child's registration fee whose team coach. For player registrations paid on the internet the $10 coaching credit will be deducted from your online payment total. For registrations paid by check you can deduct the $10 when paying. It's our way of recognizing all of our coaches for their commitment of time and effort.

We invite everyone to give coaching a try. It doesn't matter if you haven't played or coached soccer before! We have a support group with plenty of help and experience ready to assist. In addition, we have a strong, required training program that will prepare you for this important role.

Our program depends on volunteers like you to be successful. If you are willing to give it a try please be sure to sign up at registration. Sign up on your own or with a friend! Your children will automatically be on the same team. (Normally 2 coaches assigned per team). If you need more information or want to sign up to coach after registration, send us an email.

Two Deep Leadership Policy

To those who aren't familiar with "Two Deep Leadership" idea, it simply means that we need to have two unrelated adults (over 18) with the children at all times. This includes games, practices, parties, etc. For those of you who are husband and wife, or other related coaching teams, this may mean going over your schedule with the parents of your team to find someone who can be at each practice and game.

Coach's Training


In 1994, our club voluntarily required formal training to improve the quality and consistency of our coaching. The response has been overwhelmingly positive! SAY National now requires coaches' training. All first year coaches MUST participate in formal training. All other coaches MUST participate in training every other year. Annual training is encouraged! We are excited about our training program that includes one hour of general information and two hours of age specific breakout sessions. This enables any coach to take any of the sessions and get all of the information they need.

Additional Training

If you are interested, our coaches may also attend the Referee Training. To reserve your spot contact us via email. For more information on when the training will be held see our Referee section.

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Coaches Screening

Most youth sports programs have instituted a screening process for volunteers. While our state does not currently have laws requiring this procedure, SAY National as well as The Green Bay Strikers want to be proactive. We understand that this process may make some people uneasy but SAY National has come up with a program that is the least intrusive of those that were reviewed.

Coaches are asked to fill out an additional form when they register. It simply asks for a previous address (if you have lived at your current address less than 5 years) and a yes/no question concerning any possible criminal history or history of violence. It also includes a standard disclaimer verifying the truthfulness of the information given. Only our Volunteer Screener will review these forms. Any "yes" answers will automatically be forwarded to RiskAwarew (our volunteer screening agency). We are aware that this is a very sensitive issue. But, as always, our primary concern is the protection of our players as well as our coaches.

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Additional Info


Short Sided Play

In 2018 we are enacting some rule changes for U8 and U10 divisions, as it relates to Short Sided Play. Please click below to review these changes about short-sided play and the fields.

Weather / Game Cancellation

Games can be postponed and/or cancelled due to weather. The decision to cancel a game for ages 6 to18 is made at the field at game time by the referee. In the case of 5 year olds where there no referees, the coaches will decide at the field at game time whether the game should be cancelled. Cancelled games for ages 12+ will be re-scheduled. All others will not.

For more detail, click here.

Field Reservations

To reserve a particular field for your team practice, please email your request to Please include the name of the field, along with the date and time you wish to reserve.

Email Communications

Please send us an email if you have any comments, questions or concerns. We want to hear from you! Please don't wait until the end of the soccer season. We may be able to help! If requested, all calls and contacts will be kept confidential. The Green Bay Strikers are dedicated to ensuring that each and every soccer participant has a safe and enjoyable soccer season.

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