Welcome Referees!

2018 Referee Registration

Referee registration for 2018 is now open and will continue until April 27, 2018.

Click here to register to be a referee for the Green Bay Strikers. 1 training session is required. Training dates are April 15th, April 22nd and April 29th. All sessions are 8am to 5pm.

The minimum age to register as a referee is 13 years old.

Pay is $14 to $20 per game. If you have questions please email us at


Our number one priority is for the children to have fun while learning the game of soccer. Through family involvement, we hop to foster team spirit, sportsmanship, social development and a positive self-image. We want all players of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to have an equal opportunity to participate, excel and enjoy the game. We appreciate that the vast majority of our coaches and parents "keep it in perspective". However, we have had a few incidents where people let their competitiveness get the best of them and have lost their cool. We need your help to continue our tradition of respect and good sportsmanship. At registration, all parents, coaches and players will be required to sign a Soccer Sportsmanship Commitment contract to signify their commitment of these goals.


  • Parents and coaches must be a good example to their players by showing respect and good sportsmanship toward their own team as well as the opposing team. Children are aware of how adults handle winning and losing.
  • Encourage your child to be gracious in victory. Encourage them to turn defeat into victory by working towards improvement.
  • Cheering should always concentrate on the positive. Laugh, talk and have fun with everyone from both teams. Remember, opponents are necessary friends. Without them your child could not participate. Applaud good plays by your children! Think about how any comments you make would affect your own child if they were directed to him/her.
  • Any coach, parent or player who violates the spirit of our program by degrading any other coach, player, parent or referee, using foul language, or otherwise depriving others from enjoying the game, will be suspended and/or expelled from the program. The League's Division Coordinators will have the authority to take the appropriate action.

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