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The goal of our revised design is to simplify the structure of the content making it easy and quick for visitors to find the information they need. To that end we've created several area designed for specific sectors of our community.

Whether you are a player, a coach, a parent or even a ref, there is a section designed for you. There are also the requisite sections featuring basic info on the club in general; by-laws, contacts, etc.

Note: No matter what internet browsing application you use (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) or from which platform you access the site (Mac, Windows, iPad or tablet, etc) you should have equal access to all the information. (We hope to develop a mobile version as well!) A good rule of thumb however, is to have the most up-to-date version of your software installed. As internet technology evolves quickly, keeping your devices up-to-date is always good advice.

To realize our goal and make the site more useful to you, your feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Tell us what works and what doesn't, what was easy to find and what was difficult. All suggestions on content, structure and functionality will be considered. This site is designed to be dynamic and evolve to meet the needs of our parents, players and volunteers.

Now for a look at the site's layout. First, a quicklook at the site's basic layout. Each page will be topped with a navigation bar as shown here. The red bar features the main sections of the site while across the top are the more internally focused sections.

Also on each page will appear a sidebar stretching down the right-side of the main window. This sidebar features additional information both internal and external to our site. There are announcements and links to a variety of information for everyone found here, including links to the National SAY website and our new Strikers Store (courtesy of Cafe

If you have knowledge of a website that you believe would be of value our community and would like to see it listed on this sidebar, send us a note.

Site Map

Below is an overview of each section of the site along with a brief description of, and a link to, that section's contents.


  • The central hub of our site, your entry point leading toall our content, and the main conduit for news.

Players Area

  • This section is designed to provide our players with news, tips and information about the club and the new season.

Coaches Area

  • This section is designed to provide our volunteer coaches with news, tips and information about the club and the new season.

Referees Area

  • This section is designed to provide our volunteer referees with news & information about becoming a ref as well as the club itself.

Fields Area

  • This section is designed to give our community quick access to info about the fields on which our teams play. There are driving instructions and evenlinks to Google Maps of the fields (where possible), all designed to get you to the game.


  • You'll find here the requisite list of contact info for our club. Email addresses for Division Coordinators, our official mailing address, board member email addresses, and more!

About Us

  • The Green Bay Strikers philosophy.

Strikers Store

  • Our Cafe Press store offers a variety of great items adorned with our new logo. All proceeds from the sale of these items directly support the Green Bay Strikers.

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